LCC Founders, Dr. Tonya and Wendy Featherston

The Lesbian Couples Club is a much needed support system that many say is exactly what they’ve been looking for. Having been in business for nearly two years, this tight knit support system may be new to the community, but Dr. Tonya Featherston has been passionately coaching and consulting for over 11 years. A lesbian couple themselves, Dr. Tonya and Wendy Featherston make a dynamic and genuinely balanced team. With Wendy’s love for people and entertaining and Dr. Tonya’s compassion and love for pouring into the lives of others, they provide an extremely positive and caring atmosphere that helps couples communicate more effectively while learning how to resolve conflict.

Founded in Baltimore, The Lesbian Couples Club is an organization with a mission to empower women in the LGBT community and is wholly devoted to strengthening lesbian relationships and serving women in the LGBT community. Dr. Tonya and Wendy have created a safe place for women to find the education and support needed in their relationships and to connect with other positive couples who can share wisdom for making lesbian love last. The Lesbian Couples Club was created by a real life passionate and energetic lesbian couple to connect, empower, and educate lesbian women in their relationships. Dr. Tonya offers highly valued life coaching for individuals and relationship coaching for couples complete with interactive workshops, bootcamps, and retreats. They also offer exciting social gatherings designed to build and foster relationships within the LGBT community.

The heart of The Lesbian Couples Club is to teach and nurture while helping relationships thrive. This unique organization is an honest and loving source of inspiration that provides the necessary tools and skills needed to develop healthy, vibrant, and long lasting relationships.