Comfort Zones



Hey there couples! When I saw this quote it really resonated with me, and I begun to think about how it relates to relationships. When we first embark upon a new and budding relationship we operate outside of our comfort zones often. We are willing to try something that we’d never tried before, taste an unfamiliar cuisine or just open up and have hours of endless conversation all in the name of getting to know someone.

So, why should or does that change once we are in that relationship that we took time to cultivate? Why is it that we get comfortable and find ourselves playing it safe a few years down the road? Well, as the old people would say, “What you did to get her is what you’ve got to do to keep her”, and that goes both ways.

So, dust off that old thinking cap, stroll down memory lane and remember what you did to make your girl smile and do it again. The good thing this time is that you really know her now and you can do it bigger and better. So let your imagination run wild. Take off all the limitations, step out of your comfort zone and show her what you are working with…lol! Create an experience that will blow her away and you too!

Whatever you do, remember to keep it sexy, keep it outside of the box and keep dating.

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Dr. Tonya

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