4 Steps to Manifesting the Relationship You Want


Do you feel like you are stuck in a cycle of one bad relationship after another? Do you often wonder why you keep attracting the type of people that you do? Well the same laws of attraction that apply to manifesting things in your life such as wealth and prosperity, also apply to relationships. I often hear women say that they want to find their soul mate or life partner, but when asked what they want in a life partner, they spend all their time speaking negatively about their past partners and relationships. If you are truly ready to change your relationship patterns, then try these 4 steps for manifesting the relationship you want.

Step 1: Heal your heart from past relationships

The first and probably most important step in manifesting the relationship you want is to heal your heart from past relationships. We carry around emotional baggage from past relationships that often blocks us from manifesting the love that we want.  We attract those things that we think and feel. If you are stuck reliving the hurts of a past relationship, then you will attract that same negative energy when new relationships come along. You have to take time to heal those wounds and prepare yourself to give and receive better.

Step 2: Create a clear intention

The second step is to determine and declare what you want in a partner and a relationship. When you “place your order” with the universe, you must be very sure of what you want. If you want a kind, gentle and giving partner, then you must be able to articulate that. Create a list of the qualities that you desire in a mate. As you are making the list, think more about how you want your ideal mate to treat you, and less about what she looks like.

Step 3: Be the qualities that you are seeking in your mate

If you want a kind, gentle and secure mate, then you must ask yourself if you are a kind, gentle and secure person. Remember that we attract back what we give out. If you are an impatient and controlling, then it will be hard for you to manifest a patient and loving partner. My wife and I call this the principle of reciprocity. One of the things we talked the most about in the beginning of our relationship was reciprocity. When we met, we had both been through several failed relationships and understood the importance of finding someone who was capable of giving and receiving love.

Step 4: Live as if

The last step in manifesting the relationship you want is to live as if your ideal partner is already with you. Your daily actions should match your thoughts and beliefs. If you believe that your ideal partner is on the way, then you must make a place for that person in your life. Instead of going to bed in sweats or pajamas, go to bed in sexy lingerie. If you cook a nice meal for yourself on the weekend, set an extra place setting at the table in anticipation for the day when your life partner is dining with you. One exercise that I often suggest to my clients is to empty out one of your dresser drawers, and make space to share your life with someone else. Some people may think this is strange behavior, but it has been documented to work thousands of times for people who want to manifest something in their lives.

If you are truly ready to make a shift in your relationships, then try the steps for manifesting your ideal mate. Leave comments below to let us know how the process is working for you.  You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

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